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 We Repair Early D2 / D4 ECUs / Control Boxes For Diesel Night Heaters.  
We Offer a Testing Service Should You Think Your ECU / Control Box Is Faulty.

We Will test Your ECUs/Control boxes for you.

If you think Your 12/24v D2 or D4 ECU is faulty why ​​not let us check it out for you and if its faulty we will offer you a Rebuilt one and take your old one in exchange (subject to availability) Or if you prefer to retain your old one we will Repair it for you (See Services) or ring us on 07783 441 542.
What we do to our ECUs
All our ECUs go through a thorough rebuild using Quality Parts to ensure a lasting Quality Repair. We replace all parts associated with all the known common faults even if they havent occured yet. Here are a few common faults covered by our rebuilds, fuel pump interuption (48), overtemp (12), will only start up if you spin the fan by hand (09), fast spin but no heat (62), nothing happens at all when switched on (65).