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 We Repair Early D2 / D4 ECUs / Control Boxes For Diesel Night Heaters.  
We Offer a Testing Service Should You Think Your ECU / Control Box Is Faulty.


If you require an ECU repair it costs £95 for ECUs dated xx/03 onwards. Early ECUs upto xx/02 require a board/pcb Update and cost £105. The date code can be found just below the barcode on the ECU case side displayed in a four digit format xx/xx (JWT only) Postage cost is £4.90 (uk).
ECU Testing costs £15.00 but If your ECU turns out to be faulty and we exchange or repair it you will only pay the repair price of £95 / £105 Depending on the date code on your ECU.
If you dont have an ECU to exchange or repair please contact us for a price.
All ECU repairs are covered by a 6 month warranty.