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 We Repair Early D2 / D4 ECUs / Control Boxes For Diesel Night Heaters.  
We Offer a Testing Service Should You Think Your ECU / Control Box Is Faulty.

  1. How we Test your ECU
    After we receive your ECU we will Inspect your ECU for any external damage. We then fit your ECU into an Test jig and test run it, We read out any Fault Codes your ECU has stored In memory, If we feel It has a fault that relates to the ECUs Internal Circuitry we will disassemble the ECU using Specialist Equipment and locate the fault. Please note repairs can take up to 2 weeks, this is one of the reasons we offer an exchange unit (subject to availability) so please keep this in mind should you decide to have your old ECU repaired.
  2. Sending your ECU for Testing
    All parcels sent to us must be marked with your name, address and a Contact Telephone Number. also if possible Include either a fault code or a detailed description of the fault you have. If you have any questions please ring us on 07783441542.